Assessment in Visual Arts

Performance Based Assessment
I use performance-based assessments for students in grades 4-5. Age appropriate rubrics are used for arts projects throughout the year in all grades. I communicate with the students verbally and through written feedback about student progress at least three times per year.

At the beginning of the year, each student in grades 4-5 develop a student growth goal for visual arts.  The student growth goal is based off of the National Visual Art Standards and is an enduring skill that lasts throughout the year. Students experience creating, performing, responding and connecting to the National and State Visual Art standards.

In addition to creating, performing, and responding to art in class, students also receive a variety of written assessments including exit slips, flashbacks, written reflections, grading rubrics, and critiques. All of the students’ work is housed in a portfolio in which they may keep at the end of fifth grade.


I communicate with parents regarding in class activities and upcoming events. Communication comes in form of monthly newsletters and report card objective updates.

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