Arts Programming at Dixie Magnet Elementary


  • Arts Day at Dixie

Arts Day is an annual event right before Spring Break.  Arts Day runs like a career day for the arts.  Artists from the Lexington community come and share their expertise with the students.  Students also create, dance, act and sing with the artists throughout the day to keep the activities as hands on as possible.

This year’s Arts Day is on March 25, 2016.  We are expecting 35 different artists throughout the day.  The Dixie Band, Orchestra and Glee Club will also perform to open up the Arts Day Ceremony!  We will need donations for food for our guest artists.  Check your child’s backpack for volunteer and food donation information.

  • Artist-in-residence

Many times you may walk through Dixie to find an artist-in-residence working directly with the students.   The artists that work with the students are from the Kentucky Center’s approved artists’ registry and have extensive experience in working with school aged children on content related projects.  The students at Dixie have created dulcimers, murals, puppets, pavilions, costumes and even iMotion movies!

The artist-in-residency programs art either grant sponsored or PTA funded.  This year the students completed a Kentucky mural and learned all about Kentucky Arts and Culture with Jennifer Rose and Alfredo Escobar.


  • Collaborative Approach

All students participate in a well balanced arts curriculum that includes art, music, drama and dance.  Each year the 5th level students produce a musical for the families and student body.  The students learn to run the sound, lights, curtains, props and scenery for the musical.  Dixie has a thirty year history of the 5th level musical, and this year’s show is Beauty and the Beast, Jr. Ther performance will be May 16 at 6:00 in the cafeteria.

Our teachers and families work together to ensure that the students have vast exposure to the artists both in and out of school. The special area teachers work collaboratively to provide a multitude of opportunities for our students in all of the arts disciplines.






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